Multiple IntelligencesRADAR
MATH Story Problem-Solving
The R.A.D.A.R. Teacher's Guide
by Branton Shearer,
Elaine Goodhart, Susan O’Connor,
Karin Underwood
and Jennifer Wohlwend

Math story problem-solving is a complex skill that is difficult to master. This RADAR MI-inspired Math Problem-Solving Program provides student-centered activities designed to engage, challenge and inspire all students to use a systematic procedure to logically solve complex math story problems. This is a flexible set of activities that can easily be incorporated in the classroom routine to complement math instruction. There are 8 basic elements to this curriculum that can be implemented within a few months or extended over the course of a school year. Ideally, it will be implemented as an interdisciplinary, theme-based sequence of activities and projects.

The RADAR MI Math Problem-Solving Program enhances students' skills in nine Common Core Standards- 3 Reading Standards and 6 Math Standards. Details here. By the end of the RADAR Program students' will have developed skill in the use of a cognitive "toolkit" so they may attack complex story problems systematically and logically. They will also develop a positive attitude toward story problems and Good Thinking Habits.

This program is currently designed for 3rd and 4th grade students but some materials have been adapted for younger and older students. Currently, kindergarten children are being introduced to a simplified RADAR procedure and 5th grade teachers are making modifications so there is a smooth transition to middle school math.


St. Patrick's Elementary School

Kent, Ohio

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